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San Bruno, CA opened 3/2007


San Mateo County Community College District

Architect of Record:

Fentress Bradburn Architects

Denver, Colorado

Design Challenge:

Patrick Stein & Associates was asked to design a new Student Union Kitchen and Cafeteria for a San Francisco Bay Community College. The location of the new food service facility was located off a main hallway between buildings and the dining area was separated from the location for the cafeteria and kitchen by the hallway.

The solution was to design three served counters that allow for the operator to share labor during slow periods and yet allowed pull off areas for student customer queuing at the slower Deli, Hot Entree and Grill Counters. A double sided island self serve Soup & Salad Counter along with refrigerated merchandisers mounted below the refrigerated and heated deli cases sere designed along with two air curtain merchandisers adjacent to the two double sided cashier stands. The kitchen shared the loading dock with the book store located immediately behind the new kitchen. The main Range Battery equipment was positioned immediately behind the Grill Counter thus serving double service. The Steam and Baking equipment was positioned behind the wall of the Range Battery Equipment sharing a double sided grease hood.


Rudolph & Sletten (general contractor)

The Gill Group (food service equipment contractor)