Burbank, CA - opened 06/2006


M. David Paul Development LLC

Santa Monica, CA

Architect of Record: Frederick Fisher and Partners Architects

Santa Monica, California

Design Challenge:

Patrick Stein & Associates was asked to provide a design for a new building to complement an existing campus that already had an employee cafeteria we had previously designed. The new building would eventually accommodate 1,500 with adjacent buildings recently and soon to be completed to add an additional 1,000. The cafeteria, kitchen and dishroom were to be on the plaza level and had to wrap around a central stairway in the middle of the space.

The solution was a scramble cafeteria of 8,800 square feet with 1,600 square feet of it in the lower level parking garage. The lower level contained receiving, bulk dry and refrigerated storage, cart wash and employee lockers and toilets. The cafeteria included ive attended stations and three self service stations. The design featured an open kitchen so that not only could employees view their food being prepared at the attended stations but could also see food staff at work in the kitchen. A remote dishroom was designed at an exit point from the dining room with a soiled tray accumulator that allowed for reduced labor in the dishroom.


Krismar Construction (general contractor) Duray Duncan (food service equipment contractor)