Santa Clara, CA - opened 01/2006

Architect of Record:

Arc Tec Inc.

Phoenix, Arizona

Design Challenge:

Patrick Stein & Associates was asked to provide a design that incorporated the utilities in a space that had been left uncompleted by a previous firm that had fell victim to the dot com bust. The design would be for an employee cafeteria to serve a campus of 1,200 employees and guests. The kitchen would also be required to handle the large volume of catering requests Yahoo traditionally required.

The solution was a scramble cafeteria of 7,200 square feet with six attended stations and seven self service stations. The attended stations were positioned so that they could share operator labor during slow periods as well as being flexible in design so that they could be converted to self service or an entirely new format that may become popular in the future. The design featured an open kitchen so that not only could employees view their food being prepared at the attended stations but could also see food staff at work in the kitchen. A remote dishroom was designed at an exit point from the dining room with a soiled tray accumulator that allowed for reduced labor in the dishroom. The location of the cafeteria was in a low rise building that was connected to two adjacent high rise buildings and the space adjacent to the cashier stands was a hallway joining the two buildings allowing for easy access to employees.


Devcon (general contractor) Duray Duncan (food service equipment contractor)