BLDG 200 Remodel

Foster City, CA - Reopened 010/2008


Applied Biosystems

Architect of Record:

Palko Associates Architects

Foster City, CA

Redwood City, California

Design Challenge:

Patrick Stein & Associates was asked to design a remodel of a an existing employee cafeteria to alleviate the congestion as well as providing additional points of service. The existing envelope could not be expanded due to structural shear walls plus working to a very tight budget.

The solution was to remove the interior wall in the serving area and move the entry thus opening up the service areas. All new serving counters were designed with new on line Deli, Exhibition, Grill & Hot Entree stations separated by stainless steel bollards creating a scramble cafeteria from the previous single line. A new Double Sided Self Serve Soup & Salad Bar was designed along with creating two separate Self Serve Beverage Counters at opposite ends of the serving area to allow for more convenience and to further reduce congestion. Self Serve Grab & Go areas were added with two under counter refrigerated merchandisers below the Refrigerated and Heated Glass Deli Cases as well as a tall air curtain merchandiser positioned between the two cashier stands. The old system of self bussing to portable carts was replaced with a soiled tray accumulator that allowed for reduced labor into a new dish room.


Turner Construction (general contractor)

East Bay Restaurant Supply (food service equipment contractor)